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Fokus Tertuju Ke Ukraina

“It may well be that we will end up in a confrontation with Russia. The Americans could not win on the ground there – they can’t possibly that distant from their (military) bases take on the Russian Army in its own backyard. So the conflict would likely go nuclear…. I would be worried about whether we can survive the incompetence and the stupidity of the arrogant and ignorant Obama regime. That’s what the world has to worry about at this moment. Look, whenever you are stupid enough to take a direct strategic threat to a powerful military armed with nuclear weapons, which is what Russia is, you don’t have any sense. And so we have the world being driven by a government that hasn’t got any sense – the United States government. You just don’t do that.”

– former US Treasury official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts


“If anybody is stupid enough to consider fighting Russia, they should just rememberwhat happened to both Napoleon and Hitler. The Russians are not going to be defeated.This isn’t Iraq. This isn’t Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. These are the Russians. They are armed to the teeth, they are technically savvy, and they are not going to give an inch. I don’t believe the politicians or the military would dare threaten to go into any kind of an armed conflict with Russia because if they did, it would be the beginning of World War III.”

– Gerald Celente, founder of Trends Research


Dengan persentase voting (suara) 79.09%, di atas suara pemilu presiden AS sejak 1990, maka jajak pendapat mendukung penuh Crimea untuk bergabung dengan Rusia:

  • Jajak pendapat oleh Republican Institute for Political and Sociological Studies yang berbasis di Crimea, dirilis oleh Kryminform
  • 93% dari total pemilih mendukung penggabungan dengan Rusia

Dan Crimea akan segera resmi bergabung ke Rusia:

Crimea’s regional government will make a formal application today to join the Russian Federation, the local pro-Moscow leader said on Twitter after a disputed referendum to break away from Ukraine.

“The Supreme Soviet of Crimea will make an official application for the republic to join the Russian Federation at a meeting on March 17,” Sergiy Aksyonov said in a tweet.

Masyarakat Crimea pun merayakan hal ini, seperti terlihat di gambar berikut:


Namun sayangnya AS sudah mengatakan bahwa dunia tidak akan mengakui referendum dan hasilnya, yang dikatakan penuh “ancaman kekerasan dan intimidasi dari Rusia (melalui intervensi militer) sehingga melanggar hukum internasional.”

Sebuah pernyataan tertulis dari Gedung Putih menyebutkan bahwa aksi Rusia di Ukr