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Sejarah Panjang Manipulasi Harga Emas

January 31st, 2014 No comments

“Gold is a manipulated market. Period. 2013 was the year that manipulation finally began to unravel. 2014? Well now, THIS could be the year that true price discovery begins in the gold market. If that turns out to be the case, it will be driven by a scramble to perfect ownership of physical gold; and to do that you will be forced to pay a lot more than $1247/oz. Count on it.”

– Grant Williams, the editor of Things That Make You Go Hmmm…


“The gold market is the most manipulated market in the world. It is not free-and-fair in any way. Governments are also setting interest rates at will and this is impacting the housing, commodity markets, and every other financial market. But with a situation like this it is only a matter of time before the gold and silver markets explode higher. I don’t know when the bearish phase in gold and silver will end, but when it does it will end with a bang. Meaning, gold and silver will turn violently higher.”

– Keith Barron


Belakangan ini banyak tulisan mengenai proses “gold fixing” London yang dianggap curang (ada manipulasi), bahkan Bloomberg baru-baru ini menemukan manipulasi yang terang-terangan.

Karena banyak investor yang mungkin belum mengetahui bagaimana manipulasi harga emas ini akan berlanjut, maka dalam kesempatan ini saya persembahkan beberapa artikel yang WAJIB DIBACA yang ditulis oleh Tyler Durden dari

Bacalah artikelnya dengan seksama dan darinya mungkin bisa memberikan Anda keuntungan dari tekanan harga emas:

1)   How Gold Price Is Manipulated During The “London Fix” (November 25th)

There was a time when the merest mention of gold manipulation in “reputable” media was enough to have one branded a perpetual conspiracy theorist with a tinfoil farm out back. That was roughly coincident with a time when Libor, FX, mortgage, and bond market manipulation was also considered unthinkable, when High Frequency Traders were believed to “provide liquidity”, or when the stock market was said to not be manipulated by the Fed, and when the ever-confused media, always eager to take “complicated” financial concepts at the face value set by a self-serving establishment, never dared to question anything. Luckily, all that changed in the past several years, and it has gotten to the point where even the bastions of “serious”, if 3-5 years delayed, investigation are finally not only asking how is the gold market being manipulated, but are actually providing answers.

      Such as Bloomberg.

The topic of gold market manipulation during the London AM fix is not new to Zero Hedge: in fact we have discussed both the historical basis and the raison d’être of the London gold fix, as well as the curious arbitrage available to those who merely traded the AM-PM spread, for years. Which is why we are delighted that none other than Bloomberg has decided to break it down for everyone, as well as summarize all the ways in which just this one facet of gold trading is being manipulated.